RIP Fitness began life in 1998, thanks to the vision and direction of its founder Dave McQueen. With a philosophy that a healthy lifestyle begins at home with the family, he wanted to extend health and fitness beyond just one-on-one personal training, creating opportunities that could accommodate all family members, enabling parents and children to experience activities together.
Having developed a large network of clients and members with the help of word of mouth his personal trainer sessions, classes and circuits. Dave started to organise day long events and weekend breaks to encourage wider participation. These were immediately popular with members and their extended families, catering for everybody, no matter what age, ability or interest.

Each event is a social and fitness spectacular, providing attendees with fantastic on-site facilities, great accommodation and food, a variety of sports, dance or fitness-based classes due to a crammed-packed daily programme, and entertainment throughout the evening. Over the years, the popularity and frequency of these events has grown with attendance now exceeding 700 adults and children.


“Being fit and healthy relies on you achieving four things: a proper amount of sleep, a balanced diet, regular exercise and most importantly, a positive mental attitude. The key to your success is your own motivation, if you really want to lose weight and radically improve your health and fitness you will.

The challenge facing most people is to break free of, or moderate, their bad unhealthy habits, such as cutting out processed and fat-laced foods, most of which are packed full of E numbers, sugars and unnatural ingredients. These foods have the same impact on the body as drugs, creating a cravings cycle by giving artificial highs and lows. They sap energy levels, undermine your concentration and interfere with the natural workings of the body, all of which can have a detrimental impact on your ability to succeed and reach those health and fitness you crave.

Short-terms fad diets are not the answer as it is universally recognised that meaningful and long-term results rely on sustaining a lifestyle change and achieving a healthy balance of sleep, diet, exercise and attitude.

RIP Fitness can help you and your family transform your lifestyle by providing an appropriate activity programme, expert knowledge and limitless encouragement to help you achieve real and lasting results.”